Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Simple South Indian Lunch Thali

No matter how simple the lunch is, it tastes best when prepared at home and served with love,especially when it is prepared and served by mom. One such lunch is being featured here today.

These following are some of the components of a Simple South Indian Lunch Menu.Even today in many households when guests are invited , the lunch is served on a plantain/ banana leaf. This is especially done when there guests belong to the elderly age group.

  • Steamed rice is accompanied with a lentil based gravy like side dish called sambar which is made of lentils and vegetables or a tamarind based stew called pulikuzhambu or gojju that can have vegetables in the fresh or sun dried form or a kootu that is thick gravy of lentils and finely chopped vegetables.
  • Rasam which is a thin soup like preparation is a must in many household including ours.
  • One or more vegetable stir fries are also present.
  • Sometimes the meal is accompanied by a flavored rice.
  • Crispy fried pappad
  • Fresh yogurt / buttermilk
  • Pickle

In South India, rice is a staple for lunch.It is mixed with sambar / rasam / kootu / curd. A dollop of ghee is served along with rice and it is especially essential while having rasam and rice. The taste of ghee and rasam is awesome!

The other day mom prepared this delicious tamarind based stew called gojju prepared with Manathakkali Vatral or blacknightshade. Usually sesame seed oil is drizzled over piping hot steamed rice when gojjus are served.

The next important component of the meal in our household is Saaru or rasam.We just can't live without this tasty concoction. Mom prepares her blend of rasam powder which is a mix of dals and spices and is added to the tamarind extract. The aroma and the flavor is enough to tempt even the person who is not hungry.

It is customary to serve a dollop of ghee when rasam is served. Even if sesame oil[for gojju] or ghee[for sambar] has been served earlier , ghee is once again served for rasam.

Sometimes we have a flavored rice along with the meal. That day mom made a very simple pearl onion rice. This rice is very tasty and health wise very good during the post partum period.

We had two vegetable curry or stir fries that day. One is a brinjal curry that is flavored with lentil mix....

...and the other was a simple beetroot curry...

Just like rasam, curd is another staple in our household. Each day fresh curd is set and consumed along with steamed rice. Generally curd rice is eaten with pickle. We stock a few at home but rarely for ourselves. It is served to our guests most of the times....Featured here is Inji Puli pickle...

Hope you enjoyed this simple lunch meal that mom prepared for us....

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This Kongunad breakfast is off to Srivalli's Thali mela

Bon Appetit...


  1. Sometimes simple everyday thalis are comforting. Nice thali

  2. OMG.... U r really great dear.... How could u able to cook do baby varieties.... Just want to Cyrus ur house at lunch time.... He he he

  3. Spelling mistake it is many not baby... He he he

  4. wow...Tempting wonderful thali...Love the food...Thanks for sharing...

  5. Healthy and comforting thali PJ.


  6. ooh ! simple, nice and refreshing.. PJ, am inviting myself over.. esp to the ones made by mom :)

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  7. My fav meal,luvly combo of dishes...

  8. Super comforting delicious thali..loving it..

  9. Wonderful spread!! Been a long time since I had a food served like this..

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  10. Love the educational post, dear. I get to learn while looking at these gorgeous food. What a treat!

  11. wow thats really so sweet of your mom..and this is simple?..:)

  12. Manathakkali vatha kozhambu and curd rice is something that I could eat any time of the day. A simple yet appealing thali, PJ

  13. Amazing dear... Thalis are my fav... no matter be it a maharashtrian thali, gujrati or south india etc... To me, a thali makes a complete meal and just the sight of a complete thali makes me happy and i find fun to have from it...... amazing clicks..

  14. Lovely spread...absolutely inviting and delicious. Nice one!!!

  15. what a festive spread, delicious.

  16. Samma Super.. true nothing beats a comfy lunch & from unbeatable..
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  17. thali look complete and awesome

  18. A hearty and delicious platter.


  19. very nice.. like the step by step pictures most you have come up with i am tried the similar recipe, you have many of good recipes.. do try to visit my place when time permits love to have your feedback dear ..i have followed u glad if u follow me back.. Have a good day.....!


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