Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Schezwan Baby Potato Gravy

There are some dishes that make a come back to the table because of repeated requests from my folks.And this is one of those dishes!!

Generally, there are dishes that I make on a regular basis which are a part of our everyday meal and many that are cooked just for the blog.This was cooked for the blog but my folks loved it and I have been getting requests to make it again! Am yet to make this again and hopefully will be able to make it soon....

I used:

Baby potatoes- 1/4 kilo
Multi colored bell peppers- cut into thin strips- 1/2 of each color
Corn flour- 1 tablespoon
Chilli garlic paste- 1 tablespoon
Soy sauce- 1 teaspoon
Tomato sauce- 1 teaspoon
Onion-1 finely chopped
Spring onion-5 stalks, finely chopped, green and white parts separate
Garlic-2 cloves, grated
Oil-1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste

Mix in a tablespoon of corn flour with 1/4 cup water.

Boil and peel the baby potato and take in a bowl.Add the corn flour,oil and toss well to coat.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan and add the potato and cook on medium heat till the potato has brown patches.Keep tossing them around the pan else it will burn.Remove from pan and keep aside

Heat a teaspoon of oil and add the onion,garlic, spring onion whites and saute till the onion is soft. Add the bell peppers and cool for a minute. Add the sauces,potato and mix well.

Keep cooking till the potatoes turn a shade darker.Add salt, mix well.Add the spring onion greens, mix gently .Add the corn flour slurry.

Mix well and cook on low flame till the sauce thickens. Keep stirring gently so that the sauce does not stick to the bottom and burn.Cook till you get the desired consistency.Remember that the sauce will thicken on standing. Remove from heat and serve garnished with spring onion green as a for fried rice.

I served with baby corn fried rice.


The sauce will thicken on standing.If this happens, dilute it with a little hot water and heat through and cook till the sauce reaches the consistency you desire.

This dish was a part of the Combo meal that is the theme for Week 1,Day 1 Blogging Day #56 titled- Buffet on the table....

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Bon Appetit...

Baby Corn Fried Rice

Welcome to the month long blogging fiesta!!!!!

If you have read my previous post, you would be aware that a group of food bloggers have joined once again to take part in a mega blogging marathon event.

This is my first post for 'Buffet on the Table' which is the theme of the month.

The first week is 'combo meals across the countries' and the first meal in this series is a Fried rice and gravy combo...

In restaurants, such dishes are categorized under Chinese but as long as I lived in China I have never seen or eaten most of the things mentioned under Chinese dishes in the Indian restaurant menu!

Yes, I have not seen Gobi manchurian,Schezwan fried rice/ noodles! But I guess certain Chinese dishes were modified to suit the Indian Palette and on the run they underwent terrific changes to the extent that they can no longer be compared to the original dish!

So instead of categorizing the combo dish as Chinese, I choose to put them under Indo Chinese flavors.

Usually, when we dine out, a vegetable based gravy is ordered along with fired rice. Actually we never order in this manner but this idea came up when we dined out once and saw something similar being served in a table next to ours.

I have also seen such combos in several blogs and hence thought it would be a great idea to present it in this mega marathon!

Here I have prepared baby corn fried rice and served it with baby potato gravy ,put together with the Indo-Chinese flavors in mind.

This was one of the favorites of the season.I can say that this dish pleased the kids and adults alike.

I used:

Rice- 1 cup,cooked,grains seperate
Baby corn-150 grams
Onion-1,finely chopped
Garlic-2 pods,finely chopped
Ginger-1" piece, minced
Spring onion-2 stalks,chopped,greens and white seperated
Tri color capsicum-1/2 cup,chopped
Soya sauce- 1 teaspoon
Pepper powder- 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Oil- 1 tablespoon + for deep frying

Corn flour- 1 tablespoon
All purpose flour- 1 teaspoon
Chili powder- 1 teaspoon
Soya sauce- 1 teaspoon

Chop the baby corn,rinse well , drain and take in a bowl. To the baby corn, add the ingredients under marinade and add a little water to make a paste of coating consistency.Set aside for at least 15 minutes.

Heat oil for deep frying and deep fry the corn pieces till golden brown and crisp.Fry in batches, drain and keep aside.

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan and saute the onion,ginger and garlic till onion is translucent.Add spring onion whites and capsicum and saute for a minute. Add soya sauce,pepper powder and salt.

Mix well and cook for a couple of minutes. The capsicum should still be crisp.Add the cooked rice, spring onion greens[keep aside a teaspoon for garnishing].Mix well. Add the fried baby corn and mix. Remove from heat and serve garnished with spring onion greens.

Delicious baby corn fried rice is ready to be served with a gravy of your choice.


  • If tri color capsicum is not available use green capsicum alone.
  • Cook the rice and spread on a plate to cool so that the grains remain seperate.

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Bon Appetit...

Buffet On The Table - Blogging Marathon # 56

The months of April and September are very special to a group of crazy ladies who blog together each month.Wondering why!! Read on....

A group of foodies take part in a food event called Blogging Marathon spearheaded by Srivalli of Spice your Life blog.Every month we take up themes and post 3 recipes per week. And in April and September we run a month long Marathon,posting 26 recipes with the Sundays off.

Each time we have very interesting and challenging themes and they are something that we look forward to.

The planning and execution of the themes starts months ahead and by the time we wrap up the Mega marathon posts, we feel satisfied, proud and and extreme sense of achievement laced with a little exhaustion!

For these mega marathons we push our limits and strive to prepare something that we normally hesitate to make. We usually refrain from making the mundane dishes for the mega marathon and the themes get tougher and interesting as the years go by.

So far in the mega marathons,as we call them, we did...

April 2014 - Fire Up Your Oven - Month long baking marathon
September  2014 -Around the world in 30 days - We traveled across the globe to create some culinary magic
April 2014- Indian food Odyssey- Showcased the cuisines of  Indian states
September 2013 - A-Z Marathon - Blogged dishes starting with A all the way through Z
April 2013 - Weekly themes...

This year, we have a different theme for each week we chose to call it - Buffet on the table!

 It was a difficult task for me to cook and post dishes for this BM as I was way behind everyone in getting the dishes ready by D day...Though we knew the themes earlier and had more than enough time to get ready, I started it just a week before the event started.

So many of my posts are going to be simple ones.I stuck to those I could cook and click and write about without getting stressed out. I did not want to pull out of the event and also did not want to loose the fun by stressing out.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I am doing justice to the wonderful themes of the month...

Let us see what was served in the buffet...

Week 1 - Combo Meals across countries
Day 1 - Baby corn fried rice with Schzewan baby potato gravy


Day 2: -----

Do come back tomorrow to see what I have cooked.... 

Bon Appetit....