Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Baked Palak Puri Chaat | Healthy Chaat

After months of planning, the baking marathon is finally here.I had written and rewritten the recipes, changed the lists plenty of times and baked a whole lot of goodies for this event.  Read more about it here....

 The theme for the first week is deep fried to healthy bakes. As the name suggests, there are many a snacks that we love yet we try to refrain from them since they are deep fried.

This week we have 4 recipes that are usually deep fried. I have baked these dishes and I was pretty impressed with the results. Since it has very little oil , you can indulge on these snacks without guilt…

The first in this series is baked palak puri chaat.Every one loves chaat but the deep fried puris are like a big No! Here is a version that can be made ahead just like the deep fried version and assembled when needed.

Palak / spinach is a green choke full of  nutrients but not something that the kids will prefer to eat. So here is a simple technique to sneak in the greens. And that too if presented as this chaat, the kids will surely love to dig in....


This is a very versatile recipe where you can use your favorite ingredients as topping or use any thing that you have handy.

The day I baked this, lil dude was very eager to see why I had so many small bowls lined up with colorful ingredients. Once he saw me assembling the chaat he grinned. I believe he understood what I was doing!  

To make the baked palak puri chaat
I used:

Whole wheat flour-1/2 cup
Ajwain-1/2 teapoon
Oil -1 tablespoon
Palak puree – 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients together and add water little by little and knead to a smooth and elastic dough.

Pinch out  ball of dough and roll it out into a thin sheet. Using a small round cookie cutter / bottle lid punch out circles.
Place them on a tray lined with a baking sheet. Prick holes using a fork. Bake in a preheated oven @ 180 degrees for 10 minutes. It will be light brown around the edges. Remove from the oven and let it cool on a wire rack. Once it is cooled it will be crisp.

If not using immediately, store in an airtight container.

For the topping:

Finely chopped – Onions, capsicum, tomato
Boiled – corn,channa
Toamto sauce
Chaat masala
Pomegranate pearls
Coriander leaves to garnish

Place a little of the above ingredients over the baked palak puri and serve immediately.

  • The puri, boiled vegetables can be made ahead and stored.Keep the puri in air tight container and the boiled vegetables are to be refrigerated.
  • If the puris are not crisp after baking, bake for another 2-5 minutes. But watch closely.
  • You can use any topping of your choice.Chaat chutney can be used instead of tomato sauce

Fire Up Your Oven- Month Long Baking Marathon

Are you ready to be treated to a whole lot of baked goods this month? We, the members of the blogging marathon group, are all set to post one baked dish,each day,6 recipes a week, the whole of April!

If you are new to my blog, here is what we do. A group of food bloggers take part in a food event called Blogging Marathon spearheaded by Srivalli of Spice your Life blog.Every month we take up themes and post 3 recipes per week. And in April and September we run a month long Marathon,posting 26 recipes with the Sundays off.

So far in the mega marathons,as we call them, we did...

September  2014 -Around the world in 30 days - We traveled across the globe to create some culinary magic
April 2014- Indian food Odyssey- Showcased the cuisines of  Indian states
September 2013 - A-Z Marathon - Blogged dishes starting with A all the way through Z
April 2013 - Weekly themes...

So this month we are doing this baking themed marathon. We are around 28 members taking part and all of us are going to showcase dishes that will make you drool and crave for more.

Here is what I am going to do...

We do not have any sub themes but, I have formulated themes for each week. My friends on the other hand, may or may not post according to themes. For that you have to check out their blogs.

When this theme was in the planning stage, discussing what to do, I made a list of things that I must bake. This list ,as always, changed and many a times, I rearranged the categories when I found new and interesting recipes.

And then I made up my mind to post something more than just cakes and cookies and so I have savory bakes too.

This post will be updated everyday so that you can catch up with what is going on this whole month.Shall we start.....

I have 4 recipes for  week - 1.It is going to be Deep fried to Healthy bakes.There are many dishes that we love and most will fall into the deep fried category. So, I have attempted to bake those dishes instead of deep frying and all the 4 dishes were loved by the kids and adults alike.

Here are the dishes that were baked for Week 1 - Deep fried to Healthy bakes

1.Baked Palak Puri Chaat

2. .......Please come back tomorrow .....

Bon Appetit....

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How To Make A Vibrant Green Spinach Puree

This is one of the basic recipes that I have been wanting to post for a long time. Earlier on when I started cooking I either let it cook too long or God knows what reason, the puree used to look very dull and unpleasant!

Then came the time to do some experimenting and a little discussion with friends lead me to the perfectly green puree! There may be other methods too but here is something that works well for me.

Clean the spinach leaves and wash and let it drain.DO NOT squeeze out the water,just let it drain in a colander..Keep a large vessel with cold water nearby

 Heat water in a large pan and add about a teaspoon of salt. For this batch I added rock salt.Normal table salt can be used too.Bring the water to boil and put in the spinach leaves.

Leave it in the pan for exactly 2 minutes. Remove from pan and drop into the vessel with cold water. Let it be in the water for another 2 minutes. Drain well.Again DO NOT squeeze out the excess water.

Puree in a blender jar and use as needed.

I don't store this puree for more than a couple of days in the fridge. I use it up fast so not sure of the shelf life.

You can add this puree to wheat flour and make beautiful green parathas / poori, add to dhokla batter, etc..

Some dishes that you might want to try with this puree

Palak Parathas
Vegan Palak Paneer
Palak Paneer
Palak Masal Dosa
Palak Fried Rice with Paneer
Pasta in Spinach Sauce
Colorful Cocktail Mini Idlis
Palak Dhokla

Bon Appetit...