Friday, 1 March 2013

Announcing ~ My Legume Love Affair # 57

I feel very happy to announce the most popular and long running event - My Legume Love Affair # 57,fondly known as MLLA, in my blog.

As you are aware this event was started Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook.Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen is now hosting this series. And I am really proud to be hosting it here.

Legumes are an integral part of our diet and it is only fitting to celebrate this fact by showcasing  them in this lovely event.

Well,Legumes are consumed by people of all cultures and in all countries and there are a vast number of legumes that are prepared in innumerable ways in each cuisine. You can prepare everything from starter to soup to desserts! Take a look at this list to get an idea of what can be cooked for this event. And it is not just the legumes, you can also cook with the legume derivatives like tofu, mung bean noodles, besan etc.

This lovely event comes with an awesome giveaway..

Hurst Beans is sponsoring a six pack assortment product to a lucky winner in the US

and the other prize sponsored by dear Susan is this pan if the winner is from a country other than the US[international winner]

Here are some rules for the event...

  1. Cook and post a vegetarian dish with legumes as the star ingredient.
  2. Only one entry per blogger.
  3. Link to my announcement page, Lisa's MLLA page and Susan's blog is a must. Kindly include the MLLA logo that Susan has designed for us in your post.
  4. Non bloggers can mail me their entries and I will showcase it in the roundup.
  5. The last date for entries in March 31st 2013.
  6. Drop me a mail with MLLA # 57 entry in the subject line to with the following details...
-Your name and the name of your blog
- Recipe name and the URL for the post
-Your location[This is needed to draw the prize.Let me know if you prefer that I do not disclose it in the roundup]
-A picture of your dish.

Please feel free to write to me if you have any doubts or need clarifications. My blog is  'Right click disabled' .and may not be able to access the logo.I will mail you the logo once you send me the entry and you can update your post with it.

Looking forward to your recipes with the mighty legume as the star ingredient...

Happy cooking....


  1. Count me in PJ! Happy hosting...

  2. Love your blog! Makes me want to go get legumes right now. YUM.

    Please follow back if you can :)


  3. Happy hosting.
    will try to link my entry soon

  4. Happy Hosting, will send you my entry soon...

  5. I picked beans as my ingredient of the week for this week's BM - now I have to try and decide which one is the best to enter here since only 1 entry is allowed ;(

  6. hi pj - just tried to send you an email and couldn't get through - not sure why - so I hope you don't mind me sending your the url of my MLLA post

    best wishes

  7. Long time fan of legumes so I am pleased to have found you and this roundup. I look forward to seeing the other recipes and looking at the 'back catalogue'


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