Sunday, 18 March 2012

Banana Dosa

After the savory Plantain dosa, today I have for you a sweet treat - Banana dosa.Sometimes we are left with a little dosa batter that is neither sufficient for the entire family nor do we have the heart to throw it out. During such times, I mix other ingredients into it to get a new tasting dosa that is welcomed by everyone at home.

One such experiment to use up the little left over dosa batter landed on me using a couple of ripe banana that were shouting for attention.The Lil ones will surely love this sweet treat.If the adults have a sweet tooth, they are bound to gobble this up....

 I used:

Leftover dosa batter
Banana , mashed

  1. Add the mashed banana to the batter and mix well.
  2. Heat a griddle and pour a little batter in the center and spread it to a circle.
  3. Cook on both sides and spread a little butter on one side while still on the griddle.
  4. Remove from heat  and serve hot.

Note :

  • You can use leftover batter but it should not be sour.
  • I served this with jaggery and drizzled honey over the dosa. I don;t think any other side dish will be apt other than this.
  • I did not add sugar to the batter. But if you feel the batter is not sweet enough, add some sugar.
  • Using butter is optional. You can drizzle oil instead.
  • This dosa tastes best when served hot.
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Bon Appetit...


    1. I am sure that's a great way to use overripe bananas and leftover batter..good one PJ

    2. love this dosa.......perfectly done

    3. Sweet Dosa, Wow PJ, Loving ur innovative dosa's!!!!

    4. Oh I really love this one! Was imagining that line of honey drizzled over the sweet banana dosas...slurp!

    5. Very nice variation to the regular dosa PJ. Love it!!!Jayanthi (

    6. Good one. I wish my kids take an interest in dosas soon. So many dosa ideas and they are in a 'no dosa' phase these days :)

    7. This one is perfect for kids.. I'm sure they'll love it.

    8. wow...a dessert dosa..looks delicious!

    9. Using dosa batter instead of maida/all purpose flour for making banana crepe is nice twist. Would love to try and see the melody of taste.

    10. so interesting and delicious dosa !!

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    11. nice n different variation....looks nice

    12. Banana dosa.. wow! U are on a roll.. I bet anyone with a sweet tooth wil dig this :)

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    13. Looks so delicious I am going to investigate making a dosa!

    14. Must be yummy ones for little ones!

    15. this is interesting idea...was tired of using banana for cakes or shakes

    16. this is interesting idea...was tired of using banana for cakes or shakes


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