Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fruity Breakfast Crunch

Experts say 'Breakfast food is brain food'. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day.Studies show that a healthy breakfast is a must for everyone especially children. Children who had breakfast were found to have a better memory and perform better in studies.Studies also suggested that a child who skips breakfast regularly was found to be less attentive, hyperactive, have behavioral problems like stealing, fighting etc.

A breakfast with milk fruit and cereal is one of the best way to kick start the day. When I tried this formulation for Lil Angel who has just started her Kindergarten, all these 3 failed to go reach her. She either had a cup of milk or just cornflakes or a small piece of fruit.

Then I found a better way to include the 3 important food groups in the form of this fruity breakfast crunch. This dish has no recipe actually and hardly takes 5 minutes to put together. Yogurt, fruits and cornflakes go into this dish to make it crunchy, healthy and flavorful. Now I can see my Lil Angel relish this without complaint.

Adults too can try this as its quite nutritious and  not very fussy on what goes into making this.

I used:

Mixed fruits- chopped [I used dragon fruit, banana, cherries]
Flavored yogurt [You can use fresh plain yogurt also]
Kellogs chocos

In a tall glass put in the fruits, add yogurt.Top it up with more fruits.Add the kellogs, drizzle more yogurt. Finish off with a few cherries.

Note :
  • Use fruits and cereals of your choice
  • Try adding some nuts

Don't you agree that it is a healthy way to start the day....

This goes to Srivalli's Kid's delight , hosted by Kamalika with the theme Cooking without fire for kids and to Radhika's Let's Cook Series-Scrumptious Breakfast event.

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Bon Appetit....


  1. A perfect point to be noted by moms. Nice idea of incorporating fruits and cereals together,healthy option.

  2. A perfect breakfast for fussy kids and adults alike :)

  3. A healthy and delicious breakfast...loved the idea...

  4. perfect way to start a breakfast

  5. Super combo!!...n looks yum too:))

  6. I like the no cook concept. save more time and stress in the mornings. Lovely way of incorporating fruit and cereals. Thanks for linking it to the event.

    Event: Let's Cook – Scrumptious Breakfasts

  7. good combination of curd fruit and cerals

  8. very healthy.. and a treat to eyes too.. love it.

  9. Beautiful breakfast, can have it even everyday, super inviting..

  10. Nice n healthy one..looks yumm

  11. Perfect way to start the day ...looks yum

  12. A perfect combination for morning breakfast...Kids sure love it..Thanks..

  13. Delicious and healthy combination.. looks gr8 !!

  14. Love to try something new for my breakfast and this one would really make my tastebuds happy. Thank you for your visit andd your kind comments.

  15. A healthy, filling meal to start off the day!

  16. Love kellogs chocos :d wish I cud someday make such bf for myself!

  17. Love to see such wonderful dishes coming out! thanks for joining us PJ

  18. agreed...a very healthy way to start your day


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