Monday, 3 January 2011

Announcing - Compete My Thali Event

This is the  first event announcement on my blog this year and I am mighty glad it is starting with an event hosted for a worthy cause.

Its my turn to host - Complete my Thali event started by Jagruti of Joy Of Cooking.First a little intro about this noble event.CMT is a bimonthly event, where dishes are chosen to complete a thali .Thali as we all know is made of a  meal consisting of  sweets, fried dishes, chutnies, rice, samabar/dhal, rasam, poori/chapathi, sabji or vegetable dishes, pickles and pappads,practically something that is full of flavor,a mixture of textures and a nutritionally wholesome one.
This month we will be preparing sabji / shaak / porriyal / vegetable side dishes[dry] to be filled in as a part of the Thali. Sabji is an important part of the meal as they provide the requisite vitamins and minerals,keeps us full for long and has fiber [depending on the choice of the vegetable].

So send me your sabji's and a winner will be chosen in the roundup.Jagruthi will try out that winning recipe for the thali.

I call this a 'noble' event coz Jagruti will be donating the amount that was used to prepare the thali at the end of the event to a person who is not blessed to have even a single dish from the thali.Yes, the amount goes to UNICEF.

So dear friends let us cook for this worthy cause...I will post the logo shortly.

Here are a few guidelines for the event...
  1. Cook a sabji/ dry curry from any cuisine / any vegetable and post it in your blog.
  2. You can send in any number of entries.Archived ones are accepted if they are re-posted for the event.
  3. A link to this announcement and to Jagruti's original announcement is a must.
  4. Non bloggers are also welcome to participate
  5. The deadline is 17th January 2011

Send me the following details to
    • You name and your Blog's name
    • Name of the dish with the post URL
    • Picture of your creation[Please re-size your pics]

    Sometimes your mails are lost in the spam folder, so leave a comment on this post after sending your entries.

    And,Thanks Jagruti for letting me host this novel event :).I am very happy to be a part of this.
      So dear friends,cook up a yummilicious sabji for a wonderful cause and send them across..


        1. Happy hosting dear, will surely try to participate.

        2. Wonderful start to the new year Padmaja! Wish you a very happy new year. Look forward to sending my entry for this event.

        3. all the best dear.
          Will send the entries soon.

        4. nice event...happy hosting dear...
          I will try to send my entries soon...

        5. Hey PJ...thanks ! all the best ...will send some entry...on which e mail did u sent ?

        6. Happy hosting PJ..will send my entries..

        7. All the best dear..will send u some entries...

        8. Happy Hosting PJ!!! Will Surely send in my entries!!!

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          Happy hosting...will send some entries...:)


        10. Nice event to start the New Year. Will try to send in my entry.

        11. hey ,im sending a recipe to u..

        12. Happy hosting for this event. I'll send you some recipes soon.

        13. hey chk out our entry at

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        15. Getting my post ready, will send soon. Happy hosting!

        16. Hey Padmaja.....

          I Wish you very happy ?Makara Sankranti.....

          I have send an entry....

        17. Sent in another entry

        18. Hi PJ - I just sent u an entry with 3 dishes for the CMT event. Hope u like them.

        19. I have sent my entries:

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        21. Hi PJ,

          Sending two entries, sent a mail to you, but then as you instructed, just in case...


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