Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Strawberry Tofu Smoothie

I have already mentioned several times here that I have fallen in love,with tofu ,that is!So here is yet another tofu based recipe-A smoothie!

I used:

Silken tofu -1/4 block
Soy milk-150 ml
Strawberries-10 numbers

  1. Blend the tofu and strawberries till mushy .
  2. Add the soy milk and blend for a few seconds


I did not add sugar as it was sweet enough-thanks to the strawberries!

This is an entry for the No cook event hosted here.

Updated :

Sending this to Tasty Tofu Treats hosted here

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Bon appetit!!!


  1. Simple, healthy and delectable....

  2. PJ, that looks fabulous. I have never tried tofu in a smoothie before but your recipe is making me want to try it. :)


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