Seduce Your Tastebuds

Seduce Your Tastebuds

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Announcing the ‘no cook’ event

There are times when I can cook 10 dishes a day for the blog or when we have guests. But when it comes to cooking for me and me alone , I would rather prefer something that needs little or no cooking. Perhaps a milkshake or an easy salad will get more preference than cooking something elaborate.

There has always been an interest in collecting recipes that require no cooking. It has some advantages you know, like you can pamper the lazy you on certain days when you don’t feel like lighting the stove.

Have you ever faced such situations? If yes, then you can share with me some ‘no cook’ recipes. If you have never faced felt lazy to cook for yourself then it is time to ‘imagine’ you are lazy and whip up some dishes that needs no cooking.

Apart from this there are a few more reasons behind this event.

We can create a collection of 'easy breezy' no cook dishes!In case you run out of gas supply and have a sudden power cut[I know the chances of this happening is one in a million,but yet...],then we can use some dishes from our collection!

And yes,there are our bachelor [and bachelorette [;)] friends who come home tired after a days work and are in no mood to cook or go out for dinner but would like to whip up something at home that involves very few steps.Our event could help them too!

So ,here is what you we are [not] going to do…..

  • No use of microwave, stove top, hot plate or any other means for cooking
  • Can’t use left over ‘cooked’ dishes like rice / chapathi etc
  • Use of processed foods that just to need to add hot water and eat are not allowed.
We can of course do/use these

  • Sundry
  • Ice cream maker
  • Refrigerate / chill
  • Blender / Mixer /Juicer

Some ideas to get started

  • Smoothies / shakes / juices / Fruit punch
  • Salads – Vegetables and fruits
  • Spreads / Salad dressings
  • Ice creams
  • Cold soups
  • Sun dried veggies or other goodies,pickles
  • I guess we can include sandwiches too.

If you can prepare a no cook breakfast/lunch,then you sure are creative!!!

Ready for the challenge ? Let’s get innovative and cook a ‘no cook’ meal!!!

1. Prepare and post a vegan / vegetarian recipe that does not require any sort of cooking.

2. Mail me the following details to with 'no cook event' in the subject line...

• Your name
• Blog name
• Recipe name and category[starters , beverages, breakfast/ lunch/ dinner menus, desserts, salads etc]
• Recipe url
• Picture of your creation.

3. Be sure to add the link to this event so that many more can join our fun.

4. Do you have a dish ready in your blog that meets these criteria? Great! Then don’t hesitate to send them to me. Just re-post it with a link to the announcement.

5. No limit to the number of recipes that you can send.

6. The deadline is Feb 28th 2010.

If you have any doubts/questions please feel free to send me a mail.

What are you waiting for! Run to the kitchen and whip up a dish that needs no cooking and send them to me…

Happy ‘no’ cooking….


  1. lovely event, can I include tempering?

  2. Great idea! It gets you thinking. Very interesting indeed.

  3. Hi Sush,I think it would be nice if we skip the tempering :)

  4. Hi PJ
    Lovely event dear!
    One thing true in India that happens often is, you run out of gas supply and have a full day power cut!!!
    So your event is perfect for Indians staying in India!
    I am in, as often, I am used to this situation.

  5. Very interesting event..will send my entries soon..

  6. Quite a innovative idea.. Will send my entries soon..

  7. I just posted a dip for bread PJ, might send it you.

  8. Nice event will try to send my entry soon.

  9. Hi PJ
    I am very interested in joining the event! Thanks for organizing it!

  10. Fantastic event, I too am very lazy when it comes to cook for myself, i'd rather stay hungry or eat maggi than to cook anything specially for me. Awaiting for the roundup eagerly!

  11. Cool idea ! I will be waiting to see the dishes that appear on your roundup :-) Happy Hosting !

  12. PJ this is an excellent idea. Being single, I often wish I did not have to cook... let me think and get back to you.

    Will write soon about the Vegetarian/Vegan thing.

  13. interesting topic :):).. will send sooon :)

  14. Great idea PJ. I have been eating salads and drinking smoothies for a couple of days now. Will take a pic soon and send it over.

  15. Looks very to participate..will send the entry soon..


  16. Nice event..have just sent in an entry..hope its applicable.

  17. First time here sending my recipe in love the event. You have a nice blog.

  18. Lovely event.. Am sure it is gonna come handy for lazy people like me ;) Will send my entry too!
    Btw, First time here... No wonder you've been so popular in the blogosphere! You have a wonderful space and amazing collection!! Will be back often.. TC...

  19. Nice event .Will try to participate.
    Do drop by

  20. Just got to know about it today from elsewhere.... I would love to participate...... ASAP!!!!


  21. Dear Padmajha,
    Have sent in my entries to your email. Do check and let me know.
    Thanks once again for hosting such an innovative 'No-cook' event.
    Keep it coming!


  22. Hi P J
    first time here, steped down from another blogroll...nice event and lovely site with great dishes..i'll send my entry too..

    cheers and if you can please visit me..

  23. Would like to send in my entry too; what kind of bread is allowed in a sandwich recipe?

  24. This is a wonderful event PJ.. .let me see how creative I am... :) Happy hosting...

  25. '?',any kind of bread is ok so long as you don't bake it :)

  26. Thanks Padmaja!
    Good blog; the colors, the way its organized and the posts!

  27. Hi PJ, heard about your event from Jaya of Desi Soccer mom. Will surely participate.

  28. Lovely Event dear count me in ...

  29. Dear
    I have sent you my entry

  30. First time here!!!!

    Will soon send some entries to this event

    Aruna Manikandan

  31. This is my first time here and you have a great idea! Love it and will send a recipe and pic right away! You can also run over to my blog and see alot of no-cook RAW treats!

  32. Hi PJ,
    Have just sent you my entry!

  33. Hi !we are new to this event. We sent our entry for your " no cook event" but did not get any acknowledgment, do let us know if you got it.


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