Monday, 22 December 2008

Who's Gona Cook For Me????

When your home[/office!] is full of people ,stand up and ask -Who's gona cook for me? - and you will be really surprised to see how many people would like to pitch in and cook for the you..

Well,the other day I was too bored to cook.I had prepared sambar and veggie stir fry and kept the rasam pending.I was suddenly[as always] tempted to check my mail [and my blog] so sat in front of the PC and almost forgot about the rasam until I felt a tiny pang of hunger.

MIL who was watching me must have guessed that I had forget to make a dish!I turned to her and asked,'Amma, will you prepare rasam for me coz I don't feel like cooking'..[Usually I do the cooking coz I always feel its time my MIL took leave of the kitchen for she has been there without a break for more than 50 years!].Without waiting another second, she went to the kitchen and within 10 minutes I could catch the wonderful aroma of rasam wafting through the house..Yummm...

That's when I thought why not ask our people at home,office,neighbors the same question!!!I never felt like asking MIL [or hubby dear] to cook anything..But when I did,I was so touched to see her cooking with all her love.

OK folks,are you ready?Ask[request/plead/beg/threaten..] your family members,friends,fellow bloggers',neighbors,anyone,- if they will cook for you.It can be anything- like a simple cup of coffee that hubby dear prepared with all his love or you little one helping you decorate the cookie or cake,your friend's exotic dish specially prepared for you-just anything.You can guide them but let them do the chopping , stirring ,etc,etc,cleaning up the kitchen[that's the important thing ;)]..Failure is a part of life and it peeps into cooking as well.So,even if a recipe that your loved one prepared for you turned into a complete disaster send it across to me without a second thought.After all, its their love that matters,right?

Now,all you have to do is, ask someone what they would cook for you,click it and sit back and enjoy the meal and later send it to me.[No, not the dish just the recipe and the pic :)] .

Just a few guideline...

1.Since this is a vegetarian blog,only vegetarian dishes please.[No to eggs too...Sorry folks...]

2.Send in the recipe[s] that was cooked for you along with a photo of the dish.Also mention your name ,blog URL and post URL.

3.Please mention who prepared the dish[Hubby/mom/dad/MIL etc].

4.Share with us any interesting anecdote relating to the dish or incident.

5.You don't have a blog?NO problem....You can send in your entries with the photos.

6.There is no limit to the number of entries that you send in.

7.Please make a link back to this announcement.

8.If possible put in a pic of the person who cooked for you on your blog[They will surely be pleased with all the attention].

9.If you are sending in older entries,re-post it for the event but it will be great if its a new post.

10.The deadline is 31st Jan 2009 and the roundup will be posted within 10 days of the deadline....

To send in the entries and for any clarifications contact me at

This is my first stint in hosting an event and I would be happy to see your responses pour in.


  1. NIce event Dear.. i will try to send my entries...

  2. An interesting and different event. will try to participate. dear.

  3. My husband enjoys cooking and dishes out delicacies quite often! Great Idea - maybe I could just post one of his dishes:)

  4. nice event yaar... i will ask my hubby to do because my mil is in other country..otherwise she is a great cook yaar...

  5. Nice theme. Will pitch in if someone is ready to cook for me.

  6. Nice event,let me see who is going to cook for me?and then send you something.Thanks for the event.

  7. Very interesting PJ, Lets see who is willing to cook for me...:)

  8. Thats very of luck on your first event!

  9. even that time i stand near with you but i cant find so interesting only after read it just now!really wonderful,hehe,i think if i ask,may mother is the first person who would like to do for me,then may bf last one only dad le,hehe,but joy will prepare a dish for pj and her family in a day since all the members treat her very well and kindly,so pls wait ba,hehe

  10. nice event PJ..I have 2-3 dishes for this event.

  11. Thanks a lot girls..Looking forward to your wonderful entries...

  12. Hi Padmaja, first time here, That's really a great theme for an event. will surely try to pitch in:)

  13. Aaah..I ahve two posts in my blog already done by my hubby.. and one is maggi.. will that work? archived entry allowed or do you want a new one?

  14. Thanks keerthana,do send in ur entries.

    Ujwal old ones can be reposted with the announcement before the dead line and any dish hubby prepared is just great, so send them case u do a new post,send that one too..

  15. Interesting event PJ. Hubby, and Dad are great cooks as is! I dont know my neighbours here ...and may not be able to eat what they cook in any case, judging by the odours that waft around...hehehehehe! Will surely participate!

  16. hey hey this looks a great event. Will try to post more.

  17. My dear hubby prepares something every weekend for me..will surely send one..happy new year

  18. Hi Dear,
    This is really a lovely event. I'll surely send my entry to you, but befor ethat I think I need to threaten somebody to cook soemthing for me.

    I wish you'll be interested in seeing this too,
    Please do send in your entries for the event of this month on my blog.

  19. I just sent in my entry to you. Its here just in case you do not get the mail or something.

  20. First time here. Interesting event. Definitely have something to send over :-)


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